Thursday, September 5, 2013

How to hang with friends Rich $tyle

I just realized I am nothing without my family and friends, if your trying to look rich this is one of the most inportant things an rich fellow could wish. so here are some tips

Tip 1: Hanging out

Hang with your friends or family share your welth tricks and I'm not saying this for advertising but trust me with more people getting wealthy is way more fun.

Tip 2: Fancy Parties

This is one of the most cleanist parties you could think of, the main thing on a fancy party is some of your friends and/or family to talk with each other.

Put on food and drinks on the table like a buffet but only finger food and glasses of beverages. Put some fancy music on and talk with everybody.

Make sure people wear smart clothes doesn't have to be $200 Dinning dresses just something nice. Keep the party interesting as a good host make sure to speak up and talk to everyone.

Tip 3: Cafe

Go with one or a few of your best friends go to a cafe like Starbucks. Pay for your friends only for special acations. And most inportantly never just leave after you boaght your coffee. Stay and hang out with eachother talk and stuff.

Tip 4: The Mall

The mall is the best place to be go to coffee shops, restaurants, shopping and all kinds of stuff, a fun thing to do is beeing fancy go with smart clothes and walk through all the shops and not buying annything.

Well thats it for now, Contact me for questions and/or suggestions.

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