Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How to class up your house

The key is by rearranging your house is going to watch some pictures of a modern house or hire in a specialist normally white walls, red carpets, art paintings and classic settee's you can never get wrong.

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Fancy snacks


One of the best ways to have snacks for quests is caviare normally eat with crackers. Also it's healthy but kinda pricy don't put to much caviar they are quite salty. 

The only reason of caviar being expensive is because it's made out of fish eggs. The classic way is to drink some tea with it.

Small dishes

Allot of fancy restaurants eat everything in small dishes quite cool try to always eat in small amount and use from famous cooks like Jamie Oliver! 
It's also way more healthier then eating in so many amounts. 

Fast food never eat only by last option but in general not really classy and also overpriced and making you into a pig.

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

erranging ready for work!

A real yuppie does their job quick, simple and professional.
So they show up always on time get concentrated at their work and only stops when he has to leave.
So after work they do directly their work and then do something for yourself.

Be nice by your co-workers gives a good impression of your boss.

If it comes to mornings it's pretty basic: brush their teeth, breakfast and coffee then work. do it serieus quick and simple.

sounds boring but it does eat through time and you will have more time on your own stuff.

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

most important things (5 list)

1. Always hang around allot with people it's cool and turns out you will be more happy and have a brighter future.

2. Be polite follow the etiquette's and go to fancy places most of them ain't bad priced.

3. Eat sushi cheap fancy and cheap.

4. Drink 2 teaspoons of vinegar cider syrup with water is healthy,
Delicious and most celebrities do it.

5. Try to have lunch at a cafe with a croissant and coffee makes a nice lunch and fancy look with your friends.

Sorry for the short post I was extremely busy I will promise a more advanced post.

Friday, September 6, 2013

how to be rich in the weekend

Ever asked yourself what does a rich man do in the weekend? well your in look of experience and investigations of a typical rich guy here is what they do from Friday - Sunday. This is a typical things WE do for quite cheap! I will make it into some kind off journal to give you a basic idea of our stuff.

Friday (after work):

 Called my buddies they where happy that I could hang. After work I will meet my friends at a common place like the bus stop (I live in Amsterdam nobody has a car).

 Before I went to the bus stop I stopped and put on my fancy shirt and my nice jeans. We where planned to go to the Mall when we noticed a Starbucks nearby and started to drink coffee (I know what you think but some plain coffee grande (large) costs €2,15 and coffee needs are for free!).

After our delicious over priced coffee we went to a fancy pub and had some juice and a bit of a brownie then we where heading back home and in the tram we already arranged for tomorrow!


I woke up fresh with my pyjamas out of my balcony enjoying the morning brease. It was like 8:20 AM so I decided to watch some TV and had some nice breakfast with bacon and egg.

After my nice morning I decided to go to my friends and had lunch at a cafe with a croissant and a cup of coffee talking and stuff.

We decided to go to the cinema and watch a nice movie. With some popcorn, sweets and coke we went to the theater.

after the cinema we went to the buffet and ate some nice dinner and headed back home.


After a good night sleep I waited until 02:00 PM and ate my Sunday dinner with my family we always eat roasted pork/chicken with baked potatoes vegetables and a bit of our nice wine!

after I pretty much went to my friends and was hanging out in the mall through the day looking at clothes shops and stuff and I went back home at 6 PM and ate my tea (lunch). And went to and in the morning work.

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

How to hang with friends Rich $tyle

I just realized I am nothing without my family and friends, if your trying to look rich this is one of the most inportant things an rich fellow could wish. so here are some tips

Tip 1: Hanging out

Hang with your friends or family share your welth tricks and I'm not saying this for advertising but trust me with more people getting wealthy is way more fun.

Tip 2: Fancy Parties

This is one of the most cleanist parties you could think of, the main thing on a fancy party is some of your friends and/or family to talk with each other.

Put on food and drinks on the table like a buffet but only finger food and glasses of beverages. Put some fancy music on and talk with everybody.

Make sure people wear smart clothes doesn't have to be $200 Dinning dresses just something nice. Keep the party interesting as a good host make sure to speak up and talk to everyone.

Tip 3: Cafe

Go with one or a few of your best friends go to a cafe like Starbucks. Pay for your friends only for special acations. And most inportantly never just leave after you boaght your coffee. Stay and hang out with eachother talk and stuff.

Tip 4: The Mall

The mall is the best place to be go to coffee shops, restaurants, shopping and all kinds of stuff, a fun thing to do is beeing fancy go with smart clothes and walk through all the shops and not buying annything.

Well thats it for now, Contact me for questions and/or suggestions.

getting started

It does not matter if you won the lottery or live on a budget the pure rule is looking like a rich person is being fancy, nice, polite and a gentleman. here are a few basics on looking rich and act like a typical rich person.

- Clothes
- Politeness
- Food
- Language
- a job 


If you think that a rich person likes designer clothes your wrong!

a real rich person likes looks not names, like even a nice shirt or some pants from a thrift shop can impress people in a cocktail party. The most popular clothes for rich people is:


Ofcourse designer is a plus but look around for nice fancy clothes even it's in a Thrift Shop, dollar store or from a big fancy store it's purely looks.



Never act like a scumbag it's not rich or cool it's acting like an asshole, so always follow the eticets.


Now this is a easy and money saving way for food, one of the best ways is eating out often in a restaurant a fancy one if possible. If eating out will spend you an arm and a leg make food at home! Alot of people do this and makes your inpression really good!

Try to make a realy good looking food, Jamie Oliver has good recipes that look nice, doesn't make long time to make it and it's a really good way for budget stuff.


A polite gentleman never curses for no reason this is quite simple really. Before you curse ask your self: "why do I want to say this am I realy this mad?".

A job:

easy if your fancy/yuppie money=money so be happy with your job at least you have one!

Never break stuff is not funny or nice is wasting money just keep your stuff be happy you have something fancy so never ever break something. I know many people that use up there money on something stupid like repairing stuff...

Well that is all for now contact me if you got questions or suggestions...