Friday, September 6, 2013

how to be rich in the weekend

Ever asked yourself what does a rich man do in the weekend? well your in look of experience and investigations of a typical rich guy here is what they do from Friday - Sunday. This is a typical things WE do for quite cheap! I will make it into some kind off journal to give you a basic idea of our stuff.

Friday (after work):

 Called my buddies they where happy that I could hang. After work I will meet my friends at a common place like the bus stop (I live in Amsterdam nobody has a car).

 Before I went to the bus stop I stopped and put on my fancy shirt and my nice jeans. We where planned to go to the Mall when we noticed a Starbucks nearby and started to drink coffee (I know what you think but some plain coffee grande (large) costs €2,15 and coffee needs are for free!).

After our delicious over priced coffee we went to a fancy pub and had some juice and a bit of a brownie then we where heading back home and in the tram we already arranged for tomorrow!


I woke up fresh with my pyjamas out of my balcony enjoying the morning brease. It was like 8:20 AM so I decided to watch some TV and had some nice breakfast with bacon and egg.

After my nice morning I decided to go to my friends and had lunch at a cafe with a croissant and a cup of coffee talking and stuff.

We decided to go to the cinema and watch a nice movie. With some popcorn, sweets and coke we went to the theater.

after the cinema we went to the buffet and ate some nice dinner and headed back home.


After a good night sleep I waited until 02:00 PM and ate my Sunday dinner with my family we always eat roasted pork/chicken with baked potatoes vegetables and a bit of our nice wine!

after I pretty much went to my friends and was hanging out in the mall through the day looking at clothes shops and stuff and I went back home at 6 PM and ate my tea (lunch). And went to and in the morning work.

Well That's all for now I will post daily and do not be afraid to leave some questions in the comments.

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