Thursday, September 5, 2013

getting started

It does not matter if you won the lottery or live on a budget the pure rule is looking like a rich person is being fancy, nice, polite and a gentleman. here are a few basics on looking rich and act like a typical rich person.

- Clothes
- Politeness
- Food
- Language
- a job 


If you think that a rich person likes designer clothes your wrong!

a real rich person likes looks not names, like even a nice shirt or some pants from a thrift shop can impress people in a cocktail party. The most popular clothes for rich people is:


Ofcourse designer is a plus but look around for nice fancy clothes even it's in a Thrift Shop, dollar store or from a big fancy store it's purely looks.



Never act like a scumbag it's not rich or cool it's acting like an asshole, so always follow the eticets.


Now this is a easy and money saving way for food, one of the best ways is eating out often in a restaurant a fancy one if possible. If eating out will spend you an arm and a leg make food at home! Alot of people do this and makes your inpression really good!

Try to make a realy good looking food, Jamie Oliver has good recipes that look nice, doesn't make long time to make it and it's a really good way for budget stuff.


A polite gentleman never curses for no reason this is quite simple really. Before you curse ask your self: "why do I want to say this am I realy this mad?".

A job:

easy if your fancy/yuppie money=money so be happy with your job at least you have one!

Never break stuff is not funny or nice is wasting money just keep your stuff be happy you have something fancy so never ever break something. I know many people that use up there money on something stupid like repairing stuff...

Well that is all for now contact me if you got questions or suggestions...

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